Behavioural-Based Interviewing Skills


“We got in the wrong person!”, "I should've known better!", "This person is not qualified!"

Does this sound familiar? The reason being is using outdated traditional interviewing style. If your organization is going to excel, it needs the right people. Interviewing must be conducted strategically in mind. The purpose of Behaviour-Based Interviewing is to identify the right candidate for the right job – hence, make the interviewing process more effective. Traditional interviewing process leaves out the more important aspects of hiring – competency. This program will equip you in a step-by-step process, with the cutting-edge tools to manage the behavioural interviewing process more effectively and improve your selection decision.

This 2-day highly interactive & practical program is designed to equip the Managers with step-by-step process, practical skills and tools to conduct interviewing more effectively and improve their hiring quality.



At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

- Learn the top 6 hiring mistakes and avoid them at all cost!
- Identify various types of interviews and their levels of effectiveness
- Distinguish between traditional and behavioural-based interviewing principles
- Identify key qualities a candidate must possess to succeed in a role
- Define and develop Behavioural Competencies for key positions and use them as blueprint during interviews
- Develop and use Behavioural-Based Questions to objectively assess a candidate's response and make better judgments
- Demonstrate the right body language and demeanour to project professionalism
- Use the 4 Stage Interview Structure to effectively time and space-out the interview process
- Use the 14 Red Flags Checklist to quickly identify unsuitable behaviours during interviews
- Prepare for and conduct structured interviews using the 5 Step Behavioural-Based Interviewing Model to improve selection
- Increase the success rate of hiring the right person for the right job

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1 Module 1 – Introduction to Behavioural-Based Interviewing

Group exercise – write 5-8 interview questions

Conduct your interview using your current approach

The top 6 hiring mistakes Managers make

  • Group exercise - Calculate the cost of bad selection

Behavioural-Based Interviewing (BBI)

  • Types of interviews
  • Examples of questions
  • What is Behavioural-Based Interviewing?
  • Traditional vs. BBI
  • Interview examples
  • What is competency?
  • Competency model
  • Must-have Vs. Need to have
  • Group exercise and discussion – Identify key characteristics / qualities in a person
  • Exercise - Interviewing self-assessment
2 Module 2 – The 5 Step Behavioural-Based Interviewing Model

The 5-Step Behavioural-Based Interviewing Model

Step 1 – Define what you are looking for

  • Gathering information
  • Job descriptions, appraisals

Step 2 – Identify job success factors

  • Key job competency question
  • Job competency tool
  • Group exercise & presentation

Step 3 – Developing Behavioural-Based Questions

  • Examples of Behavioural-Based Interviewing Questions
  • Group exercise & presentation

Step 4 – Incorporate Behavioural Questions into C.A.R.L Worksheet

  • C.A.R.L Interview Worksheet
  • Group exercise & presentation

Step 5 – Conduct the Interview & Evaluate the Candidate

  • Rating sheet & rating sheet summary tools & examples
  • Interview structure
  • Candidate rating sheet
  • 14 Red Flags Checklist
  • Body language & listening skills

Skill-Practice – Conducting your interview session

  • Trainer’s Feedback



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