Occupational Health & Corporate Wellness Program


The Corporate Wellness Program is an in-house program under the occupational health category specifically designed for busy executives.

The objective of this program is to educate participants on the basics of health and wellness. Preventive measures and disease management are the focus of this program. This program is structured in a manner where a layman will understand the principles of wellness and more importantly will be able to apply the principles that are taught. Among the features of this program is its interactive approach where participants will have opportunities to participate in actual case studies of individuals.

Corporate Wellness Programs are designed to nurture wellness in workers, regardless of the work environment. They essentially focus on bettering the behaviour of the employee and increasing the performance levels. Many factories, corporate offices, large corporations, and small corporations alike across the world have benefited tremendously by implementing Company Wellness Programs.

Benefits of A Corporate Wellness Program

The reasons why you need a wellness program for your company taken from the organization point of view, are as follows:

  • Improve Productivity - If the employees aren’t completely fit, they can’t perform to the best of their abilities and thus can’t give their 100%. Tension or stress is another primary reason behind the underperformance of employees. 
  • Improve ‘Presenteeism’ - Presenteeism refers to instances when the employees of an organization do come to work but fail to put in their best effort due to reasons such as depression, stress, injury or illness.
  • Reduce Absenteeism - If employees are not physically, psychologically or spiritually fit, chances are, their absenteeism will increase. The main reason behind the absenteeism of employees can be their ill health or too much stress. Company Wellness Programs emphasize on improving their physical and psychological wellness and thus making them fitter and happier.

Other advantages of Company Wellness Programs are as follows:

  • They boost the morale of the employees by creating a happy, supportive and cordial environment.
  • They improve job satisfaction among employees.
  • They negate or minimize healthcare costs.
  • They reduce the effect of a stressful, demanding workplace



At the end of this prgram, participants will be abe to:

- Create awareness and understanding in wellness
- Implement Wellness programs emphasizing awareness, prevention, and behavior change
- Provide current and accurate information on personal and community health issues
- Create an environment where each individual is pro-active to adopt a healthy lifestyle
- Provide knowledge and skills to improve and maintain health that will enhance occupational performance
- Instill the sense of responsibility that wellness is about daily habits and making lifestyle changes for the better

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1 Wellness in the 21st century

This module will give an overview of what wellness is all about and how it can help shape our lives. It also explains how wellness plays an important role in our overall performance. The trends and statistics on diseases affecting Malaysians are also explained.

2 Basics of Nutrition

This module is designed to give participants an understanding of the role of nutrition in healthy living and ageing. As said by Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. A healthy diet is the cornerstone of any nutritional approach to health and wellness.

3 Free Radical

Free radicals affect nearly every aspect of our lives, both as an enemy as well as a friends. On the one hand, whenever there is disease and destruction there are free radicals but on the other hand, whenever there is life, there are free radicals too. This module explains what is the cause of free radicals, the damage they create if left unchecked and the preventive steps we can take to keep free radical activity at safe levels.

4 Metabolic Syndrome & Occupational Diseases

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a cluster of related symptoms that make an individual prone to the diseases such as Heart disease, clogged arteries, Stroke, Diabetes, Kidney disease, and premature death. This module explains the causes and preventive steps.

5 Stress Management

Social, physical and organizational stressors will be explained and methods to ease or elevate stressors will be presented.

The module will also address areas such as identifying sources of stress, relationships of stress to health, how the individual experiences stress, solutions for coping and managing stress, techniques for lowering stress, value of stress, both negative and positive, and a practical step of incorporating stress reduction into lifestyle.

6 Basic Screening and Assessments

Participants will be given a basic screening to determine their general well-being.

This preventive biomarker screening supports the theory module by actually giving each participant an indication
of their health status from the wellness perspective. 

This is especially important as most people only realize something is wrong with them when a physical symptom appears.

Our body is constantly sending signals about its condition and the earlier we can interpret these signals the better our chances of avoiding falling into a disease condition. This is a basic preventive screening assessment.

Among the parameters being screened will include:

  • Body Fat content
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Body Composition
  • Waist-to-Hip Ratio

- Wellness Questionnaire Assessment


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