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A one-day introductory program that teaches student how to make & taste espresso-based beverage behind the espresso machine, as well as basic milk frothing and latte art techniques. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded with a certificate issued by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which is recognized worldwide.


To provide learners with a comprehensive knowledge and skills about specialty coffee, espresso making, which enhances their employability in the hotels, restaurants and café.

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1 History of Coffee

To understand the origins, species and taxanomy of coffee

2 Trends in Coffee Consumption

Explore the various trends and culture of coffee drinking

3 Espresso Brewing Protocol

The correct way of making espresso and espresso-based beverage

4 Definition of Espresso & Dialing in Grinder

Dialing in any given coffee to make decent espresso

5 Calibration of Coffee

Fine tune recipes that yield best tasting espresso

6 Factors that affect taste of espresso

Understand the concept of balance in espresso

7 Milk frothing techniques

Milk frothing for milk drinks such as latte, flat white & cappuccino

8 Basic Latte Art

Basic free pour techniques of apple, heart & tulip

9 Espresso Machine & Grinder

Different makes of espresso machine & grinder available in the market

10 Ergonomic Workflow behind the bar

How to work efficiently behind an espresso bar

11 Waste Management

How to reduce waste in coffee and milk

12 Common Cafe Menu

Explore common cafe drinks available in the market



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