(MC) MS Excel Intermediate for the Workplace


Studies have shown that 82% of office jobs require Microsoft Excel skills. MS Excel can also increase your earnings potential by 12% (Inc. & Technologies, 2017). 

This course taps into MS Excel's productivity feature in the areas of data formatting, data analysis, data visualization and data protection. 

To achieve optimum teaching and learning in a hands-on course, the course is conducted using demos and examples by the trainer and then working through tutorials and presentations in teams and as an individual. 

The 2-day course will cover:

  • Data Formatting (Links, formulas and pick lists)
  • Data Visualisation (Charts, Conditional Formatting)
  • Data Analysis (Pivot tables, What-If Analysis, Goal Seek)
  • Data Protection (Data Validation and Protected Sheets & Files)
  • Time-saving tips and tricks



At the end of this course, participants would have been introduced to:

- MS Excel Data Formatting
- MS Excel Data Visualisation techniques
- MS Excel Data Analytics features
- MS Excel Data Protection options
- Bonus: Time-saving tips and tricks in MS Excel



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