Dynamic Leadership in the Workplace


Team members take their cue from the team leader. Leaders lead by example. They demonstrate an openness and willingness to continuously learn how to be effective and dynamic in the work of leadership. 

Dynamic leaders are highly self-aware and can lead and manage themselves towards their goals. Importantly, they can translate this self-awareness, and self-leadership into helping their team members in turn to increase their own self-awareness, and leadership knowledge. 

This 2-Day course heightens the awareness of how leaders think, speak and behave. They will experience a greater sense of their efficacy to lead effectively. 



- Understand and experience how an effective leader thinks, feels and behaves in the workplace
- Comprehend and practice leadership knowledge and skills of conflict resolution, delegation, motivation and teambuilding
- Heightened awareness of how leaders think, speak and behave
- A greater sense of their efficacy to lead effectively
- Knowledge to practice leadership skills pertaining to conflict resolution, delegation, motivation and teambuilding, all within a safe psychological space

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1 Session 1


  • The case for a dynamic leader for today 
  • The tangram activity
  • Learning through debrief
  • Leadership dynamics scope
  • How does the dynamic leader think, feel and behave (TFB model)
  • Discovery, analysis and causes of typical
  • Leadership challenges
2 Session 2

Leadership Values & Timeless Principles

  • Being decisive 
  • Being collaborative 
  • Being contextual
  • Being facilitative 

The Leader’s Personality

  • Communication, how they reflect 
  • Introversion, extroversion 

How the Dynamic Leader

  • Manages stress
  • Manages anger
  • Develops psycho-resiliency 
  • The magic of mindfulness 
3 Session 3

Leadership Delegation

  • Challenges of delegation 
  • Letting go and taking risks with people 

Conflict Resolution

  • Identity & purpose
  • Interests, convictions, values 
  • Priorities & emotions 
4 Session 4

Developing Conflict Resolution Skills 

  • Not taking things personally
  • Active listening
  • Solution-based conversations 

Thinking “out-of-the-box” 

  • Brainstorming
  • Convergence skills
  • Clarify, solution, action 

Final presentation & action plan by each group 



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