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The target objective of this course is to hone the social graces of corporate people so as to make them not just globally competitive career-minded individuals but to mold them into socially interactive members of society. 



At the end of this course the learner will have gained th ability to:

- Interact well in the corporate or professional setting
- Use the right social cues in a formal conversations
- Make small talk, start and lead a conversation
- Practice social etiquette in an informal and formal work setting

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No Topic Topic Description
1 Business Email

This all-inclusive course will provide the learner with a complete adaptation of how to observe email-writing best practices and techniques. (4 sub-topics)

2 Meetings

This course inculcates learners to grasp the right strategy for arranging, managing, and participating in business meetings. The learner will be able to understand the significance of sending appropriate meeting notices and outlining industrial-strength agenda. (6 sub-topics)

3 Negotiation

The course is targeted at advancing analytical and communication skills that are mandatory interests for effective business negotiation. The course approach is based mainly on the 3-stage process of negotiating. The course integrates both theoretical knowledge and applied experience through learning by actual exercise. (7 sub-topics)

4 Presentations

This course instructs the learners on how to choose a language that best fits every kind of presentation as well as techniques that shall aid the presenter to convey an effective layout. This will be beneficial to corporate people in becoming persuasive through the use of visual and verbal approaches in convincing clients, stakeholders, or anyone that holds a pecuniary interest in the company. (5 sub-topics)



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