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About Us

Professionals Asia is changing the game in Continuing-Education & Training (CET), starting off first in Malaysia.

Our online marketplace is dedicated to supporting the growth of human capital development, by offering an efficient online ecosystem for Corporate HR and Learning & Development (L&D) specialists to connect with  Education Providers, Subject Matter Experts, and search Programs tailored for adult learners.

Our value proposition is simple: We advocate that Education Providers and Subject Matter Experts continue focusing on developing and delivering great programs, while we brand your expertise by listing your flagship programs and manage the technicalities of curating your online presence through social media marketing.

Why list with us?

In a world transformed by the pandemic, the need for innovative solutions in educational branding and marketing has never been greater. While having a website can be a valuable asset, maintaining and updating a website, along with managing its social channels can take away your primary focus, which is to develop and deliver exceptional programs. 

That's where Professionals Asia comes in. Our platform serves as a one-stop portal for individuals and organizations searching for corporate training programs. With our user-friendly search tool, visitors can easily find the programs they seek, complete with detailed information and expert profiles, all on one page. Interested parties can simply click the Get Proposal button and make an inquiry directly with the program owner. This is why listing with us is an excellent idea with the following advantages:


Brand your Expertise, Centre and Programs on an 'Equal Opportunity' platform


Free poster design for each program - Maximize your exposure through our scheduled posts on all our social platforms and optimize the visibility of your Center and Programs

Build New Linkages

Leverage on Professional Asia's connection to grow your database of potential corporate clients

Smart Filters

Localized search tools make searching for Programs seamless (HRD Claimable, Customizable, Micro-credentials, CPD Points, APEL, and coming soon MBA/DBA)

Generate Leads

Receive ‘Request for Proposal / Request for Quotation’ inquiries directly in your inbox

Automated Customization

Streamline the process of preparing a proposal and receive specific program  customization requests, making it easier to create a proposals and quote accordingly

We offer an integrated 'localized' online eco-system for customized education solutions to support the ever-demanding corporate industry.

Built with you in mind

Continuing Professional Education Malaysia | Customized Programs Malaysia | Micro Credential Courses Malaysia
Industry - Corporate HR & Training / Learning & Development (L&D) Specialist / Chief Transformation, People & Culture 

We recognize the complexity of finding the ideal trainer or program, which demands careful consideration of content, outcomes and trainers expertise. Gathering multiple quotes can also consume time, especially when making blind inquiries. Professionals Asia streamlines this process for Corporate HR and L&D Professionals, with a one-stop marketplace to search for programs, review expert profiles and make an inquiry, all within one page. Here's how we aims to simplify this process:

  • Smart Filters where searching for relevant programs can be done categorically. This will allow you to understand if the program or expert is suitable for your organization or industry.
  • Automated-Customization - This feature gives you the freedom to design your own content by selecting topics offered by an experts or institution. This function also gives you the flexibility to curate your desired learning outcomes and help you manage the training duration and budget.
  • Get Proposal - Request for a Proposal (RFP/RFQ) and connect directly with the program owner. Make a request for additional requirements or preferences and seat back. The program owner will revert with the required proposal for your consideration.
Continuing Professional Education Malaysia | Customized Programs Malaysia | Micro Credential Courses Malaysia
Subject Matter Experts - Certified Trainers / Coaches / Academicians / Consultants

Everyone has a gift, skill, talent, or knowledge in a certain area. As a subject matter expert, we understand that your primary focus is to offer knowledge transfer through teaching, coaching, or even consultation. So here’s what Professionals Asia can do for you:

  • Brand your Expertise - Feature your profile and highlight your area of expertise. List your programs and leverage our extensive network to enhance the visibility of your expertise and programs.
  • Social Media Marketing - Let us design captivating posters for your programs and craft engaging captions. We'll then leverage our vast social media network to share them, ensuring your message reaches your target audience effectively.
  • Generate Leads - Interested parties will be able to view complete details of your programs and Request for Proposal / Quotation (RFP/RFQ) which goes directly into your inbox. 
Continuing Professional Education Malaysia | Customized Programs Malaysia | Micro Credential Courses Malaysia
Education Providers – Higher Education Providers / Professional Bodies / Institutes / Associations 

We know, you have Professionals who are subject matter experts in their own field. Oftentimes these experts reside within the institution’s Faculties or Centres of Excellence, and Institutions. Our aim is to brand such an educational arm and feature their Expertise and Programs meant for adult learners. This is how you can benefit from our platform:

  • Brand your Centre, Experts & Executive Programs - Ride on our rich connections and market programs meant for the working adult such as Executive and Professional Programs, In-house programs, Micro-credentials, APEL, MBA, and DBA Programs. 
  • Automated-Customization - Creating a tailored program proposal can be a time-consuming process, involving multiple rounds of communication between the requester, administrator, and the trainer. Our platform streamlines this process with our Automated-Customization feature, enabling you to receive inquiries with pre-selected topics, making it easier to quickly create proposals and quote accordingly. 
  • Generate Leads - Where interested parties will be able to Request for Proposal / Quotation (RFP/RFQ) which goes directly into your designated inbox. Leverage on this feature to foster industry-academia linkages.

Trust Professionals Asia as an added channel to market your Executive & Professional Programs and cast a wider net in connecting with more corporate entities, while generating new leads!


More than 100 programs.


List your programs with us and reach over 10,000+ corporate organizations and industry decision makers.

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